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Hi, welcome to the school council page. Our school council helps make important decisions around the school and we represent the views of all of the students.

The school council is made up from two students from each class. We meet regularly with a teacher to discuss the issues raised by the students and the teachers. Every year a new school council is elected, with each class voting for its own councillors. 

The school council get involved in all aspects of school life...we were even on the interview panel when Mrs D'Alton was interviewed for the head teachers position!



We voted for our new council on Monday 2nd October and each class will be represented as follows:-

Year 1 Toby Hall-Smith and Mia Johnson

Year 2 Amelia Bentley and Callum Johnson

Year 3 Rosie Wittenberg and Casey Bradley

Year 4 Paige Gant and Matthew Foot

Year 5 Olivia Ball and Darren Jackson

Year 6 Emma Hampson and Marcus Rogan




Coming Soon

We have spent our first two council meetings of this year drafting a constitution for our school council. This is a set of rules the whole school must follow so that elections are fair, everybody's views are represented and the council do the most good for the most people. The draft is currently being looked at by all our classes so that everyone has a chance to contribute their ideas and the final copy will be posted on our page soon.

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