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Sports News Round-Up Oct/Nov

Football Competition
On Friday 9th October year 5/6 boys competed in a football tournament. They played 3 games drawing their first 2 and losing their final game 1-0. The team they lost against went on to win the whole tournament.  The boys came close to scoring on several occasions, and were constantly in communication with each other and their improvement was clear to see.  The boys have been working on passing and positions during training sessions and during the matches it was apparent because they were taking their time and making accurate precise passes.  Thank you for all the parents, friends and family that came to support the boys.


Ladies Football
On Friday 16th October an Everton player came in to deliver a special assembly for Redgate pupils.  The pupils asked Simone Magill a range of questions about her training, her dedication, her career and her opinions.  Before leaving Simone gave all the pupils free tickets for an Everton ladies match on the Sunday, which several of the pupils attended. 

Football Match – St Jeromes
On Friday 16th Redgate hosted 2 football matches against St Jeromes, one for year 5/6 boys and one for a year 5/6 mixed team.  The boys produced a fantastic performance winning 4-2 and the mixed team drew 1-1. 


Speed Stacking
On Monday 19th Redgate hosted a speed stacking competition. We selected the fastest boy and girl from each year to represent the school. Redgate placed second in the competition.

Futsal Interform
On Thursday 22nd October Redgate held the first interform competition of the academic year.   After an intense afternoon of football the final was decided.  Eagles v Meerkats.  The juniors all watched the final which was decided by a single goal.  The eagles won 1-0.  How long can they stay King of the Jungle for?

Football Match – Trinity St Peters
On Friday 2nd November Redgate hosted 2 friendly matches against Trinity St Peters.  It was year 3 and 4’s first match of the year. Unfortunately, they lost 4-1 but showed great resilience. Year 5 and 6 started the first half of the game weaker than normal by not communicating with each other. After a team talk at half time the boys came out fighting and communicating. Although the second half was a stronger performance unfortunately they lost 3-0. 

On Monday 9th November Redgate took part in a fun swimming gala.  We took 16 children (8 year 6’s and 8 year 5’s) to Formby Pool.  The children competed in several races and games; float relay, school relay, diving, under and over relay, fancy dress relay and obstacle collection relay.  The children had a fabulous afternoon some children concerning a fear of being in the deep end.  Redgate were runners up receiving silver medals and certificates.

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