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Little Squirrels Nursery

Hello and Welcome

to Little Squirrels Nursery

Welcome to our wonderful new nursery!


In September 2016 we opened Little Squirrels for children from the age of two years as part of the Early Years Provision at Redgate. Our team of dedicated staff, lead by Ms Gambon (Assistant head) and Ms Dean (EYS leader) have built a nursery to deliver an exciting EYS curriculum to our Little Squirrels to prepare them for their first steps in Primary School.

From September 2017 we are excited to announce that our nursery will be teacher led, with Ms Dean teaching full time in our nursery provision. Ms Dean has had over 20 years experience in Early Years provision working with children from 0 -5 years in both private and school settings.


Many of our Squirrels use the wrap around care facility and are with us from 8 am until 6 pm each school day ( we do not provide holiday care).


If you would like more information on how to register your child to become a Little Squirrel please contact Mrs Steele in the school office.

ROOM ON THE BROOM - Little squirrels focus story

Room on The Broom by Julia Donaldson.

The children have really enjoyed joining in with the key words and phrases in the story and we have been able to draw out all sorts of learning opportunities from it.

We made story stones so that the children could retell the story for themselves, putting the pictures in the correct order and being able to tell the story to their friends.

We have also been focusing on mathematics and used this to make witch’s faces using different shapes and colours. The children had the opportunity to talk about the different shapes, which were smaller and which were bigger and also use positional language when sticking the shapes in the correct places to make the witch’s facial features.

Here is Ellie Hall-Smiths creation:

The children’s role play naturally evolved due to the story and the children began to request to make wands so that they could cast spells! Maria and Maisy were more than happy to pose with their beautiful wands to show you all!


Our Student, Sofie, planned and delivered a wonderful activity for the children; making potions! Sofie made up different solutions (squashes) into different shaped and sized bottles and had small, medium and large sized cup. Here are some pictures of the children making their ‘potions’:


Sofie read out a “letter” from the Witch:



In nursery over the last couple of weeks we have been very busy. We have been observing the life cycle of caterpillars, watching them grow daily and eagerly awaiting their transformation into Chrysalides; all the children have even made their own grass caterpillars too!


We have been reading the story called 'Supertato' and our theme in nursery has revolved around this.


We planted our own potato seeds having received them from the Potato Council and planted some bees and butterfly attracting flowers along with fresh herbs.

The story has sparked an interest in superheroes and vegetable investigation/printing and we have all made our own superhero vegetable figures.



The children from nursery were invited to join reception class to take part in their weekly yoga session. Everybody really enjoyed it and all were happy to have a go, learning the new moves with Miss Dean. We are intending making this a regular activity giving all the children the opportunity over the next few weeks.


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